Adding FAQPage Rich Results in Shopify with JSON-LD for SEO

With Google’s addition of FAQ Pages to the Rich Results program, you can now get more search enhancements for your Shopify store.

JSON-LD for SEO supports the FAQPage data type that drives those Rich Results. You’ll only need to add the FAQ questions and answers to your Shopify store in the special format below to have the app automatically create the structured data for you.

FAQs can be added to many different areas of Shopify:

  • Products
  • Pages
  • Blog Posts

Each item (e.g. product) will need its own set of data added for the FAQs you want displayed. Though each item can have multiple questions and answers.

Add required metafields

Before you start, make sure to review’s Google’s content guidelines for FAQ Pages. There’s nothing complex in there but your content needs to follow all of the guidelines or you won’t receive a Rich Result.

Using your metafield tool of choice, add the FAQ data to the Shopify object like this:

  • namespace: jsonld
  • key: faq
  • type: string

The value is where you’d enter your question and answers. Use the pipe character (| which is typically shift-\ on most keyboards) to separate the question and answer.

If you want to use multiple questions and answers, use two pipes to separate each question/answer set (||).

Example FAQ Page metafields

Here’s some examples.

One question and answer:

What do you call cheese that isn't yours? | Nacho cheese

Two questions and answers:

What do you call a deer with no eyes?|No idea.||Why do bees hum?|Because they don't know the words.

The answers can even include some limited HTML per Google:

What is the meaning of life?| <a href="">42</a>.

Testing the FAQPage Schema

After these metafields have been created you can use Google’s Structured Data Tool to verify the data is correct.

It will take some time before Google updates their results to include your FAQ. As always, working on the rest of your Shopify store’s SEO can be beneficial, as a more optimized store can get Rich Results faster.

Example of the FAQPage structured data

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