Attracting the right buyers to your Shopify store is better than attracting the masses

Imagine you’re opening a tattoo parlor.

A really edgy one.

One that opens at sunset, closes at dawn.

One that mothers warn their daughters about.

Got that in your head?

How well would you expect them to do if they were located in Times Square?

(Assume rent was low)

They’d have a lot of (foot) traffic for sure.

But do you think they’d be attracting lots of actual customers?

Or would they just get a lot of browsers?

I think they wouldn’t do well at all.

In fact, they’d probably have to close up shop. The employee costs just to handle all of the we-kinda-want-to-get-a-tattoo-but-we-are-not-sure-can-you-help-us-we-have-dozens-of-questions people would destroy any chance of profit they have.

The same thing applies to your store and it’s traffic.

Sure getting 500,000,000 visitors hitting your store in 24 hours sounds great.

Until you discover that 499,999,990 of them never bought anything but still sucked up your server resources and your customer service time.

This is why it’s always better to get higher-quality traffic (buyers) even if that means you’re getting less traffic overall.

Qualifying visitors before they reach your site is one easy way to do it.

By getting Google to show rich snippets for your store, visitors can find out about your products before they even arrive.

Instead of getting browsers, you get people who are ready to buy. Just show me the buy button, please and thank you.

The first step to enable rich snippets is to export your store data. JSON-LD for SEO can do that for you automagically.

Eric Davis

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