How to control how your Shopify store appears in the search results

With all the jargon and conflicting information out there with SEO, it can be confusing to understand how to change and tweak your store’s search results.

In this article I’m going to describe each part of a search result.

[Product Rich Results breakdown]

Above you’ll see a search result from Mountain Hardware that includes a Rich Snippet.

Result title: red box. Each search result has a title which is linked to the webpage. This comes from the title tag on the webpage but sometimes Google’s algorithm will rewrite the title in the search results to better match your content or the search keywords.

URL: yellow box. The search result has the domain and url which helps the searcher know where the link leads to. In this case, this is the official domain for Mountain Hardware so a searcher would place a lot of trust in this result. The url comes from the actual url for the webpage, often using the canonical url if there are multiple urls pointing to the same page.

Rich Snippet data: green box. Next is the row for the Rich Snippet. In this case the Product Rich Snippet style is used and showing data for the average ratings, number of reviews, price, and stock availability. Rich Snippets will only appear if you have the correct structured data on the webpage.

Page description: blue box. Finally there’s a short description about the page. The amount of text here varies but it’s usually under 160 characters. This comes from the meta description tag on the webpage, though again Google’s algorithm will sometimes rewrite it based on the content they find on the page.

Nearly all search results include the title, url, and description. Even if you don’t configure those fields yourself, Google will automatically pick something in the search results.

The Rich Snippets aren’t as common, they represent a search enhancement that you have to earn. Adding high quality structured data that describes the page is the only way to receive them.

Most Shopify themes are missing the structured data to qualify for these search enhancements.

That’s why I recommend JSON-LD for SEO to every Shopify store. It provides the high-quality structured data that will let your store qualify for product Rich Snippets and other Rich Results. Often times faster than the industry averages.

Eric Davis

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