How to tell when Google is ignoring your SEO descriptions in your Shopify store

Recently a customer was asking about their meta descriptions and if they were fine.

When I checked, I saw Google was adding the ellipsis (...) at the end of each one.

Ellipsis are Google’s way of saying they are generating the description for you and ignoring the actual SEO meta description tag for this search keyword. If it’s an important keyword, then I’d recommend putting some work into improving the descriptions.

Usually you can write better converting copy than Google’s algorithm.

There are two ways to win with SEO: better rankings or more appealing listings.

Everyone fights for better rankings but not everyone makes their listings more appealing. This means there’s an opportunity there.

You can (and should) tweak your SEO title and description inside of Shopify but there are also additional enhancements that turbocharge your listing.

Called Rich Results in Google, these add additional content to your listing including the product price, availability, and the high-visibility review stars.

Getting these results require structured data and the safest and easiest way for Shopify stores is to use JSON-LD for SEO.

Eric Davis

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