Product Review apps supported by JSON-LD for SEO

JSON-LD for SEO integrates with various reviews apps in order to pull out your product reviews and format them for Google.

Automatic support

Using JSON-LD for SEO with these review apps should just work. The integration is automatic with no setup required

Magical support

JSON-LD for SEO also includes some limited integrations with other product review apps called, the Magical Review Integrations. That page includes how the integration works and what to expect with it.

Current Magical Review Integrations:

Do you use a different product reviews app?

If you use another app for your reviews, I’d be happy to work with you and see if I can expose their reviews too. Just contact me and ask.

Do you need a recommendation of a product reviews app to use?

If you don’t have a product reviews app yet, here’s a list of the ones I recommend to customers.

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