If I don’t have product reviews in my Shopify store, can I earn rich snippets?

A customer, Nigel, wrote in about rich snippets the other day:

I have read your brief on rich snippets and see that ‘social’ reviews are important (rightly so) but my studio sells ‘one off’ items so ‘product’ reviews are nigh on impossible as once an item is sold it’s gone! Given this lack of reviews, would this be an issue with regard to using rich snippets?

Product reviews are one of the major draws of rich snippets but there are other versions of Rich Snippets that Google uses too.

The most common one I see is the price and availability one.

Exotic Knife Scales is one customer who has this type of rich snippets on a few products.

This rich snippet would be useful when you don’t have product reviews.

By highlighting the price you’ll get shoppers coming in, instead of just browsers. Availability also works great with one-off products to show that they are ready to ship.

I’ve also seen this work great with stores who find and sell single pieces of antiques.

About two minutes after installing JSON-LD for SEO it will have all of the data needed for the price and availability rich snippet for every one of your products. You’d still have to wait for Google to recognize and analyze the data but that’s just a matter of being patient and waiting.

Eric Davis

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