Showing your Shopify store data in the right side of the Google search results

When searching for a company, you’ll sometimes see a box appear in the right of the search results. But like many Google things, it has a confusing name.

This is known as Google’s Knowledge panel and also goes by Google’s Knowledge Graph Card. It pulls data in from Google’s Knowledge Graph.

You can think of the Knowledge Graph as a database of information and the Knowledge panel as what parts of that data Google chooses to display.

(See what I mean about confusing names…)

Google adds data to it’s Knowledge Graph database as it discovers facts across the web. Sometimes from your website. Sometimes from other authoritative sources.

For Shopify stores, the important facts include the business name, location, hours, telephone, and social media.

Some of that data you have control over and can influence what’s shown, while other parts are controlled by Google.

The are a few ways to get data into there.

Two that tend to work well are to signup for Google’s My Business and to have Organization structured data in your store.

Google’s My Business is easy to signup for. I just did it and it took two minutes, though you’ll have to wait for a verification code and approval.

Similarly, JSON-LD for SEO will handle adding the structured data automatically for you. It’ll pull as much data about your business from Shopify and keep it up-to-date for you so you don’t have to worry about old addresses or phone numbers.

I’d recommend using both so Google has the most complete view of your business.

Ideally that will help attract more people to your store.

Eric Davis

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