Telling Google that your Shopify store sells used products

Lauryn sells vintage jewelry so she recently asked me how to change JSON-LD for SEO so her items are marked as used items in the structured data.

She needed this for Google Merchant Center. Google Search doesn’t care about the item condition but Merchant Center does.

In Shopify there isn’t any way to set an item’s condition so the few themes that have that structured data will just mark them as new items.

JSON-LD for SEO does the same but there’s a hidden option to switch that to for used products.

(Well it was hidden, since I wrote this I guess it’s now public…)

The first option is to set a Shopify metafield for your store that will tell the app that every item in your store is used. This is good for stores that only sell used products like antiques.

Just use your favorite metafield tool and set the following metafield for your store itself.

  • object: Shop
  • namespace: jsonld
  • key: itemCondition
  • value: UsedCondition

The second option also uses metafields but instead of setting the item condition store-wise, you can set it for a specific product.

  • object: Product
  • namespace: jsonld
  • key: itemCondition
  • value: UsedCondition

This process will take more time because you’re setting each individual product to be used but it’ll let you sell a mix of new and used products.

Hopefully in the future Shopify will have better support for used products.

If you sell used products and you’re not using JSON-LD for SEO yet, there’s a good chance your theme is telling Google that your products are new. This can wreck havoc on Merchant Center and cause confusion in general about your products.

If you sell only new products, when was the last time you checked your structured data? You still might have some work to do to get your data quality up.

Eric Davis

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