Uncover all of your Shopify store’s rich snippets with this one search

When I help JSON-LD for SEO customers I have to quickly search for all of their rich snippets.

An easy way I found to do this is to use Google’s site scope with your store url.

For example if your store is at example.com you’d search for site:example.com.

You’ll get back all of the pages for your site that Google has found, including any pages that have rich snippets. Usually sorted by importance.

Bonus tip: if you want to only show product pages, change it to this search site:example.com inurl:products.

Bonus tip 2: if you see a lot of collection pages, you can turn them off with this search site:example.com inurl:products -inurl:collections.

It’s not 100% accurate because Google might turn rich snippets on or off for individual searches but this search is a quick way to check everything.

If you’ve had trouble getting rich snippets in the past, my app JSON-LD for SEO might be for you. With just a few clicks you can get structured data for every page in your store, without messing with your theme’s HTML.

Eric Davis

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