Why modifications to your Shopify store don’t appear in Google right away

Recently customer Erick asked,

Yesterday I made a description change under my domain. However, the old description still shows in Google. What is the turn around?

This is a pretty common question about search engines.

With Shopify, WordPress, and most modern web software systems you can make a change in their admin panel and see the change happen immediately on your site.

Change a page title, save, and it’s updated right away.

So it’s surprising when you make a change and Google, one of the top technology companies around, doesn’t update things right away.

It would be nice if Google updated your search listings immediately right?

What’s going on is there is a delay between when you make a change, when Google sees the change, and when they update the search listings.

Google doesn’t know when pages are updated so its computer programs have to come back to your site and check it again to see what’s changed.

How often Google checks on your site depends on a lot of factors including how frequently it’s been updated in the past, how popular it is, how many sites link to it, etc, etc.

If your site is very popular, like Shopify.com then it might display a change in minutes or hours.

If your site isn’t as popular, it could be days or weeks or even months before Google updates your search listings.

This delay means when you’re making changes to your site for SEO purposes, you’ll need to wait for awhile before you see the end result. For site wide changes you might even see some pages with the new stuff and some pages with the old stuff.

It’s a slow and annoying process but everyone has to go though it.

Google’s structured data works the same way. Even if you install JSON-LD for SEO in the next hour, it could take weeks before Google has updated your search listings.

Eric Davis

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