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Smaller plans make for greater flexibility

Last week and into the weekend I’ve been planning out my 4th quarter. I had a solid set of app improvements planned out but I wanted to take a look at the rest of my business projects and see where to invest my attention and focus. Since most of my projects are DIYish, my constraint …

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How to tell which structured data is from JSON-LD for SEO

With different themes and apps adding structured data to Shopify stores, it’s becoming difficult to know which data comes from where. JSON-LD for SEO has always added an HTML comment by its structured data to make it easier to spot but it also adds special IDs to the data based on the data types. Normally …

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Promising the world, but only delivering 54%

We went to an open house this last weekend to get a better understanding of the area. The house was listed at 1,750 sq feet but only 2 bedrooms so something seemed off. Once we saw it, it was clear. The agent decided to include a cramped unfinished basement as living space. If you can …

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