I create custom web apps for ecommerce entrepreneurs


Hi, I’m Eric Davis. I’m the founder, developer, marketer, cook and everything else for Little Stream Software.

As you can tell, Little Stream Software is a company of one (human. My assistant Sara doesn’t do much more than sleep all day and wag her tail…)

When you work with me, you’re working with the person who actually does the work. This means there are 0 communication issues once I understand you, and I don’t have to tell an employee how to do something risking a loss in translation.

Being a solo consultant also means I approach projects differently, but that’s another topic entirely.

My background first and foremost is business.

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What can I help you with?

Shopify App Development for App Owners

Get help building, improving, and maintaining your Shopify Apps.

Shopify App Development for Merchants

Using custom development and private Shopify apps you can improve your Shopify store and increase your revenue.

Shopify Apps available in the App Store

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