ChiliProject (Redmine) Invoices plugin

The Invoice plugin allows a user to create invoices for Customers using time entries.


This project was started because Little Stream Software needed a way to invoice customers using existing time entries that were logged into ChiliProject. Instead of using a third-party application or hosted service, a plugin was created to create and manage invoices.

The latest code is hosted on GitHub.

Technology Used

Status: Complete, active status.

Company: Little Stream Software, Open Source


  • Easily create invoices from time entries in ChiliProject or Redmine
  • Allow full or partial payments on invoices
  • Logging of payments for record keeping
  • Printable view for each invoice so a PDF file can be emailed to the customer

At a Glance

  • Open Source plugin for Redmine.
  • List current, old, and late invoices.
  • Create and manage invoices.
  • Automatic invoice creation based on time entries on a project.
  • Automatic invoice line items based on issues.
  • Payments to an invoice.
  • Printable view of an invoice.