Stop worrying about the endless pile of exceptions in your Ruby on Rails application

Focus on building features and keeping your customers happy

You have a Ruby on Rails application in production.

You took the time and care to make sure it was built right.

But now you’re getting exception reports.

Not one or two.


Every. Single. Day.

"What do you mean there’s a nil here?"

"Why did the API respond like that?"

You thought test-driven development, agile, pairing, software craftsmanship, and the likes would have produced software with very few bugs, not a torrent of them.

Instead, even with the most painstakingly carefully planning, your application is still getting exceptions.

You don’t have to live with a dozen exceptions eating at you daily

You can build new features without getting stressful emails about what you’ve done wrong.

You can release new versions of your application and have your exceptions be magically taken care of.

Your code can adapt itself.

Your customers wouldn’t see your embarrassing 500.html error page: "We’re sorry, but something went wrong."

Your site will process orders that used to fail.

And you’ll have the confidence to know that someone has your back when the truly exceptional problems arise.

Exceptions fixed, your confidence returned

Healthy Rails is the exception triage and repair service that is your tailor-made to fit your needs.

It doesn’t just log your exceptions into a big database in the cloud. Instead, actual real live Rails developers take your exceptions and fix them in your code.

Instead of seeing 65 new exceptions logged today, you’ll see 65 exceptions *fixed* today.

What’s included? With your Healthy Rails account you get:

  • Active exception triage to separate the annoying false exceptions from the "oh my god someone is scanning us to hack us" exceptions. That way annoying exceptions disappear and bugs get squashed.
  • Actual tested and running code that fixes exceptions and bugs, taking them off your to-do list.
  • A customized process to fit your workflow. Whether you’re using agile, scrum, waterfall, continuous delivery, or the common "just push it to Heroku", Healthy Rails is easily integrated into how you work.
  • Actionable and regular developer training on writing better quality code to prevent exceptions in the future.
  • Analysis of how your application is improving over time.

Have questions?

Q: What if my app isn’t in production?

Your application doesn’t have to be in production to benefit, as long as there are some people using it. That could be testers, a QA team, or even your developers.

Q: What exception trackers do you support?

Honeybadger, Sentry, Airbrake… honestly, any of them. As long as they have a web panel and stacktraces, they’ll work.

Q: What if we don’t have an exception tracker?

One can be set up for you at no additional charge.

Q: Do you need a copy of my source code?

In order to fix the exceptions you’ll need to provide access to your source code.

(Otherwise, there is also a triage-only version that doesn’t require source code access)

Q: Are you going to directly change my code?

That’s up to you. Depending on your workflow, fixes can be committed directly or pull requests can be created for your review.

Satisfaction guaranteed

If for any reason you are not happy with Healthy Rails, you’re protected by a 30 day money-back guarantee. Just ask and your current month’s payment will be refunded.

Fill out my online form.

P.S. Exceptions are the worst kinds of bugs. You never know when they’ll happen and they are difficult to account for in your schedule, so stop. Stop planning for them. Stop scheduling them. Let’s talk about getting your exceptions off of your to-do list.