System Architecture Blueprints

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My System Architecture Blueprints offer an easy method to map your goals into your team’s software.

Let’s say your team needs a new import function in Redmine. The current one doesn’t handle everything needed. They’re entering data by hand, and it’s taking too long. Deadlines keep coming down to the wire. There must be a way to automate, and get the time back.

But questions pop up when you think about how to add it. What code hooks would automation need? What should the workflow be for the users? How much budget is needed to develop this? Is there a simpler way to do what we want?


I resolve all this by mapping connections between your goals and the needed code.

  1. You approach me with your need/problem.
  2. I ask questions to estimate which programming options are viable for your environment.
  3. I draw up an initial blueprint that says, “This is how I recommend your system be built, in order to meet your needs and your budget.”
  4. You read through the initial blueprint and give feedback. We make changes until the final blueprint satisfies all your needs (and budget).

You will then have a solid blueprint for an expert Redmine developer to act on – either myself or your own internal team. Either way, the system’s architecture is clear & easy to follow.

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