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Testing URL redirects in Shopify to rescue lost traffic

With any migration, major change, or even just moving around products it’s easy to break product urls. Shopify does an okay job of catching and setting up redirects automatically but sometimes they miss a few or the moves are complex enough that they get confused. Here’s how you can test if your redirects are working …

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Fixing holes in your SEO bucket via broken link repairs

My website is over 11 years old. In that time it’s created a lot of links and gone through several reorganizations. And those reorganizations broke a lot of those links. If you’ve ever reorganized your Shopify store’s products, collections, or changed your theme, there’s a good chance you have some broken links too. A broken …

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How to fix the 404 errors in your Shopify store for more traffic

Over time you’ll be updating, renaming, and deleting pages and products from your Shopify store. Each time you do that, you risk losing the search results and search enhancements for the previous pages. That’s because Google treats each url as a unique page. So even if you’re just updating an existing product, if the url …

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