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What is a campaign?

I’ve been writing about campaigns for years and haven’t made something clear. Campaigns aren’t just email marketing campaigns. I might write about them in that sense a lot, but that’s because email marketing is where my expertise lies. Campaigns can also be advertising campaigns. Or social media campaigns. Or letter campaigns. Or something that mixes …

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Tiny tip: check in on your abandoned cart emails

Today’s tiny tip is to make sure your abandoned cart emails are going out correctly. Abandoned cart campaigns can be highly profitable but also invisible since they don’t have a single time they are sent. Today take a minute and check whatever system you use to make sure the emails are going out and that …

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An often overlooked Shopify cart abandonment reason

Last week I overhead my wife working on an accessibility audit with the help of a blind man using a screen-reader. He was trying to navigate a Shopify store to make a test purchase and it was eye-opening how confusing it was to use even the basic features of the Shopify store. If he was …

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