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Start smaller projects instead

We were planning to finish our basement this winter and spring. It’s a significant space in our house and would be a great office for me. But there are only a limited number of contractors accepting projects and the prices are high right now. Too high to make it worth the investment. So we decided …

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Make your advertising budgets fluid as customer behavior changes

Starting in November I had to lower my own advertising budgets because there was a high demand which was driving prices up. I ended up dropping my own advertising to 1/8th of the prior levels. But now that the holiday season is winding down I’ll be starting to increase it again. You should treat your …

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Leveraging randomness

I’ve been doing some work with Facebook ads recently. When setting up my last set of ads I wanted to try three different images to see which one would work: An image of my app banner. An image representing the concepts of my app. A dog wearing a blanket robe. Yes. To advertise my Shopify …

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