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Find out which marketing campaigns are your keepers

With the holiday rush and any post-holiday orders over, now’s a good time to dig into your results. Ideally you tracked your traffic and orders which will make things easier (e.g. Google’s UTM codes). Even if you didn’t, you might be able to look at the timing of orders to see which campaigns where active. (And …

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Time to unwrap your year end Shopify store data

With the year now over, it’s a good time to evaluate how you did. Take some time this week to pull all of last year’s data and analyze it: what traffic sources and campaigns brought the most customers? what was the most successful campaigns? how many orders did you receive? how many customers ordered? what …

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Importing data into Google Analytics for a better analysis

Recently a customers asked about getting historic data into Google Analytics: I’d love to know how to get Shopify data (prior to embedding Google tracking code) on to Google Analytics to see previous years data. At first I didn’t think that was possible but after a bit of searching I found Google’s Data Import that …

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