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Tiny tip: use UTM codes for attribution

Today’s tiny tip is to get familiar with Google’s UTM codes. They sound technical but really are just a set of standardized text you can add to a url to make it easier to track where your customers are coming from and going to. Most of the time you’ll create a few of them as …

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The first purchase matters

How a customer first purchases from your store matters. If they came in from a friend’s referral, they’ll likely trust your store and have a positive experience. Even if small things don’t go right. If they clicked on an ad that interrupted their free time, they’re likely to have missed some things (e.g. shipping policies) and …

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Use tracking codes to keep your marketing clear

Whenever you start marketing to customer segments you should use different UTM or other tracking codes to be able to track each campaign separately. Some systems like Repeat Customer Insights can work out their purchases without a tracking code but many systems cannot and could attribute those sales as new customer sales. Especially if it’s …

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