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Use practice to make your busy periods more effective

With the expansion of our garden we’re anticipating a lot more veggies this year. Potentially more than we can harvest, eat, and give away. Over the winter we got a food dehydrator and have been practicing dying food for storage. It’s a bit of work and unnecessary right now (who really needs to open a …

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Throwing out the baby with the bath water

Sometimes you just have to break things. Incremental change is less risky and usually a more successful strategy. Content optimizations. Copy tweaks. Website rescues. A/B tests. But in rare times it might be worthwhile throwing what you have out and breaking it all. Just don’t mix up “the desire to start over” with the actual …

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What a heavy rain can teach you about your Shopify store

We had a large rain system pass through recently. Not flooding levels of rain but enough that the weather service sent out alerts about it. Probably the most rain we’ve had here since moving in. I was anxious to see how the yard changes did as we added a lot of drainage in summer and …

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