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The copywriting superpower

You’re told to constantly learn and pick up new skills. Some skills are useful but require a huge amount of time to learn and keep up-to-date. SEO for example. Then there are some skills that stay relevant for years. Some even decades. One of those long-lasting skills is copywriting, also described as the ability to …

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Borrow inspiration

Ah Valentine’s Day, one of the starting retail holidays of the new year. For some stores, it’s a big one too. Easily in the top five sales-wise outside the winter holidays. It’s probably too late to plan a big campaign around it this year if you haven’t started yet. Though it never hurts to send …

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To buy, or not to buy, that is the question

You might not be aware but Shopify is planning to completely redo the App Store. They have been cagey and only given out a limited set of details to their app partners like me, but it appears to be a complete redo. One major change is additional rules and restrictions around an app’s description. Now …

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