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Using product education to attract new and retain repeat customers

A couple of months back I happened across a native flower that only grows in our area. It’s also the main source of food for various butterflies, including an endangered one. The store I learned about it from wasn’t selling it any longer but they did list their supplier in their product description. Their supplier, …

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How to reengage defected loyal customers in Shopify

A Repeat Customer Insights customer asked: In your experience, what has been successful when trying to re-engage with the defected loyal customers? I’ve heard of successes with win-back campaigns. The offer and incentive would depend on your brand (e.g. discount vs freebie) but with loyal customers you might be able to do some kind of VIP-access …

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Are your customers smelling the smoke and defecting?

There’s been a large set of forest fires burning up here. Not close enough to threaten me or my family, but there is a lot of smoke, cloud cover, and ash. The sun’s even taken on an orange/red appearance. Almost like the recent eclipse. One impact of the fires is that the air here is …

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