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Every bit of friction loses sales for your Shopify store

We’ve been ordering produce from a local wholesaler for a few months now. They have flat-rate next-day delivery and are 3 miles away so it makes sense to order bulky things from them instead of getting smaller quantities from our regular grocery store. The problem is that since their business is setup as a wholesaler, …

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Trashing old Shopify code that slowed down conversions

With my Shopify customers’ getting ready for their busy season, I’ve scheduled time to work on smaller tasks that have been put off. Many of these are optimizations to my business processes and systems to make things run smoother. One was to remove the AdRoll retargeting code I was using. Running ads for my apps …

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Promising the world, but only delivering 54%

We went to an open house this last weekend to get a better understanding of the area. The house was listed at 1,750 sq feet but only 2 bedrooms so something seemed off. Once we saw it, it was clear. The agent decided to include a cramped unfinished basement as living space. If you can …

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