Tag: customer research

The core pain your Shopify store solves for customers

I’ve been going through my market research for my app so I can work on the copywriting and plan out my Q3 and Q4 features. One part is boiling down how the app helps into a single core pain. It’s the main problem that it solves for merchants. Your store should also have a core …

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Selling products like an obnoxious real estate agent

This last weekend we went looking at a few open houses. Not because we’re interested in buying but because we wanted to see the different architectures and remodels people have done. (Many homes in this area are from the 1920s) We barely walked into the last one before the agent launched into their pitch. They …

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Do you review your reviews for review purposes?

Product reviews are a solid strategy to boost social proof and trust. But how often do you review your reviews? I’m not talking about a moderation strategy or responding to negative reviews. I’m talking about, how often do you look at your reviews as a way to better understand your current customers, with an eye …

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