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Do you review your reviews for review purposes?

Product reviews are a solid strategy to boost social proof and trust. But how often do you review your reviews? I’m not talking about a moderation strategy or responding to negative reviews. I’m talking about, how often do you look at your reviews as a way to better understand your current customers, with an eye …

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My #1 tip to improve customer retention for Shopify

Yesterday I was asked by an author for a quote about retention that I wanted to share: What is your #1 tip to improve customer retention for an eCommerce store? Make sure you’re sending emails to new customers that eventually leads them to make a second purchase. Don’t assume they’ll come back, they won’t. This …

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The cheap and fast personalized touch

In one of my email courses about building repeat customers I mention sending handwritten notes to repeat customers to build some trust and loyalty. Brian sent me a reply to that email: Great idea for smaller Mom and Pops. However, it isn’t scalable when you ship hundreds of orders a day. I agree it is …

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