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Google’s new Review Rich Result rules

After years of guessing, testing, and arguing with SEOs about how Review Rich Results work… many of my findings have finally been confirmed by Google this week. Unfortunately, that’s going to blow up a lot of websites who have received bad advice or don’t have something like JSON-LD for SEO watching over their structured data. …

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Recommended product review apps for Shopify

Getting product reviews and getting them into Google can be a huge conversion booster. That’s why I’m trying to integrate JSON-LD for SEO into as many review apps as possible. One downside to this is the paradox of choice. With so many integrations, which product reviews app should you choose? That’s why when Bob wrote …

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Top 5 Mistakes Ecommerce Businesses Make with Customer Product Reviews

The best kind of marketing is free — one person telling another that your product is a must-have. There’s no budget needed, and the trust factor is baked into word-of-mouth publicity. With product reviews, you can encourage this kind of information swap right on your own website. Just as customers are hovering over the “buy …

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