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Mismeasure once, cut forever

During a recent review of article to curate for Shopify Dispatch, I ran across a slide deck from Kevin Hillstrom. Kevin’s a really smart consultant who works with retailers, catalog brands, and ecommerce stores so I’ll usually take the time to review his writing every week. One quote in his slides really caught my attention. …

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Calculating customer repeat purchase timing for a single customer

At a certain point it can be difficult to understand what your customers are doing in your Shopify store. You’re getting orders, shipping products and managing support every day, but you are having a difficult time connecting the orders to actual customers, let alone figuring out how those customers behave. Behavior is an important quality. …

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Calculating your customer purchase latency

Knowing your stores customer purchase latency can be used to dramatically increase your repeat purchases. Everyone in business has heard that truthism about how it’s cheaper to have repeat customer than to find a new customer. Knowing your customer purchase latency can improve the chances of repeat sales while also optimizing how much you make …

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