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When Facebook goes down, does it drag your Shopify store down with it?

It’s important to attract customers using more than one marketing channel. In March 2019 the entire Internet saw Facebook suffer an outage. This also took down Shopify’s Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram sales channels, effectively stopping any traffic and sales from them. If that was the only marketing channel you used, you probably had a horrible …

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Does ad relevance matter?

I mentioned using a random image in my Facebook ads to see what would happen. The dog in a blanket robe. Norma asks a great follow up question: What about relevance, though? Did you track the conversion rate of the dog banner vs. the app banner? Sadly both the dog and my app banner were …

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Leveraging randomness

I’ve been doing some work with Facebook ads recently. When setting up my last set of ads I wanted to try three different images to see which one would work: An image of my app banner. An image representing the concepts of my app. A dog wearing a blanket robe. Yes. To advertise my Shopify …

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