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Use last-minute gift cards to attract new and returning customers

Yesterday we ordered a game from Apple for a family member. The process was pretty straightforward, just a couple of taps and a payment confirmation. With only a bit left in the holiday season, now’s the time to be sending any gift card promotions you have (or create a quick one). They won’t be Apple-ese …

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One more weekend

With only one more weekend and 10 weekdays left before Christmas, now’s the time to be using any last-minute promotion ideas you have. A solid last minute promotion idea is the “buy a gift card as a gift, get one for yourself”. Done right, these can sell all the way through the end of the …

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The gift (card) that keeps on giving

With the holiday season wrapping up soon, shipping windows are fast closing. Now would be a good time to start any gift card campaigns you have, especially if you’re setup for digital gift cards. Shopify’s made gift cards available to all merchants as their response to help lessen the impacts of COVID-19. They might go …

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