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Chop wood, carry water for your best work

Before Enlightenment chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment chop wood, carry water. Zen Buddhism quote I keep a version of this quote in a file I look at everyday. Even though I don’t follow Buddhism, it serves as a reminder to me about effort and what I consider ‘best work’. Ask yourself: is the activity …

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Starting over after a lapse

The past few months I haven’t been running or exercising at all. I have a bunch of reasons (excuses) but in reality, those should have just stopped me for a month. Not four months. Other things just became a higher priority and my exercise routine suffered. But this week I started back up again by …

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1,238,809 words and all I got was this marketing asset

Most of my successes are the result of consistent effort over a long time. While many others blast off the launchpad, they end up fading out when they can’t sustain the pace or the fad they took advantage of moves on. One of my constants has been writing. I have a script that keeps a …

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