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When your Shopify store’s growth gets you down

In the past two weeks I’ve talked with two different people about their business growth (actually, the lack of growth). Both cases were seeing drops and the owners were getting worried. One has had major supply chain issues, along with all of their competitors. The other has seen a cooling-off since COVID started with a …

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Tomato envy and measuring your own results

I went for a walk yesterday and saw a bunch of tomato plants out in front yards (normal for Portland). Many plants were bigger than mine, one was twice as big, and a few already had fruit starting. At first I felt like I was behind but then I realized I don’t know much about …

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What’s a good Repeat Purchase Rate for Shopify stores?

Some Shopify store owners have asked, what’s a good Repeat Purchase Rate? 25% is what I consider the low-bar. Some large-scale studies have found 27% to be the average Repeat Purchase Rates but that’s only an average. I’ve seen stores with 60%+ and stores with single digits. The higher the rate, the better the store …

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