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How to integrate Drip with Shopify to automate your marketing

Shopify and Drip are both powerful tools for the modern ecommerce store. It makes sense to integrate them so you can add Drip’s marketing automation to your Shopify store. I’m going to show you how you can connect Drip and Shopify so your customer’s actions in Shopify are sent to Drip automatically. You know, those …

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Shopify store automation events that Drip can capitalize on

Drip’s Shopify integration uses events to know what’s going on in Shopify. When a customer makes a purchase, Drip sees that event and can then trigger your marketing automation rules. It’s important to know which events are supported so you can plan your store’s integration. I’ve included the full list below showing the Shopify event …

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Integrating Drip into Shopify

Setting up an email campaign is one of the best marketing activities a store can do. Especially when you start looking into customer retention and long-term loyalty, email marketing can do wonders. One of my favorite email marketing services is Drip but in order to install Drip into your Shopify store, you’ll have to jump …

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