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Discontinuing a product line can cause customers to defect

Every year I have to buy a new phone case. Not because I’ve upgraded my phone, it’s because I’ve worn out my old case. Spending $20-$50 per year to protect a $600 device makes sense. But it’s a hassle because every year as it gets harder and harder to find the ones that fit. There …

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How likely is each of your products to create repeat customers?

Last week I improved the First Products report in Repeat Customer Insights so that it will now show you which products produce the most repeat customers. It does this by analyzing the product and customer data to calculate the Repeat Purchase Rate for each individual product (and variant). This means you can compare products to …

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First Product Analysis: find which products create better customers

For years I’ve been wanting to add product analysis to Repeat Customer Insights. There are a lot of great behavioral data you can get from orders, but products have their own great data points especially around initial customer behavior (i.e. what causes the first purchase). I’m happy to announce that the first product report is …

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