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Google mobile first indexing and structured data

With Google enabling mobile-first indexing for stores, they also include a little note about the structured data: Your site may have structured data embedded on your desktop pages that can drive rich snippets in Google’s search results pages. If this structured data is absent on your mobile site, you could lose those rich snippets and …

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Google displaying more images in mobile SEO

Google is now showing image thumbnails for more mobile searches. Based on data collected from RankRanger, images are showing up for 44% of search results now (up from 15%). This combined with Google’s mobile-index and various other updates shows that mobile search is where many of Google’s improvements are focused on. JSON-LD for SEO includes …

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How mobile has fractured the buying cycle

A few months back I heard about some socks that are strong enough to walk on broken glass with. They’re even strong enough to walk on LEGO without any pain. If you’re a parent, you know that LEGO bricks are designed to be 23% sharper and more painful than broken glass. Fact. I checked them …

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