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Limiting stockout impacts on long-term customer behavior

There’s been a lot of news around stockouts right now. Stockouts suck for everyone. Your store loses the sale. Your suppliers lose the order. The customer is disappointed. Hoarders might benefit in the short-term but if their timing is wrong, they have to figure out how to unload a shed full of toilet paper. Literal …

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Don’t let customers bounce away from out-of-stock products

If a customer lands on an out-of-stock product, there’s a good chance of them leaving your store entirely. Especially if they came from an organic method like Google. If a product’s out of stock and you know you won’t get any back soon, add a message to its product description. Explain it’s out of stock, …

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How stockouts will permanently harm your Shopify store

The other day my wife saw a sweatshirt she really liked on sale. She grabbed it and a few other things for our kiddo at the same time. But when it came time to ship, it turned out that the sweatshirt wasn’t in stock and the order was shipped without it. She ended up not …

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