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Tips for bundling products to increase their sales

When you bundle products there are a few things to keep in mind: Include best selling products, as well as complementary products and products that build the best long-term customers (use Repeat Customer Insights to check which those are). Set the price above your Average Order Value to help to pull up your overall AOV. …

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Variety is the spice of your store

Sometimes customers aren’t sure which product they should order, no matter how much information you give them. I had this happen when I ordered a new running nutrition mix. Did I want unflavored, lemon/lime, orange, or berry flavor? Berry might be good but how berry is berry? Too-berry? Luckily the company made this easy for …

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The easy way to start bundling products for bigger orders

Bundling has been a popular tactic for years as a way to increase your Average Order Value. It’s gotten so big that there are entire Shopify apps dedicated to product bundling. But you don’t have to go all enterprise with bundles. You could get started by just creating a single bundle product and see how …

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