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Picking up extra traffic with image alt text

Yesterday Anna was asking about image alt text and I realized that I haven’t written much about it before: I have a lot of pictures on my site, and Shopify makes it easy to add an alt tag to each image. I always get confused though. How many words is best, should I always add …

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Tailoring your product image sizes to your Shopify theme

A JSON-LD for SEO customer was asking me a few questions about his Shopify store’s performance the other day. The product pics I use in my shop range approx.. from 100kb to 1.2mb. Is it worthwhile to reduce the large ones to a smaller size? And what is a kind of "best size" when it …

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Product image compression and optimization on Shopify

Fast websites attract more customers, sell more, and are treated better by Google in SEO. I’ve looked at hundreds, maybe thousands, of Shopify stores. One ongoing speed issue is using too large of images, especially for product photos. A customer Matt wrote me a question about image optimization and now I’m going to share my …

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