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Hiding product prices in Shopify, an uphill battle

Some stores want to hide their product prices for various reasons. The basic approach I see a lot is just removing the price HTML from the theme. That sounds like it will work okay but there are a few other places that your prices could "leak" if you’re trying to thoroughly hide them from customers. …

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Another reason to focus your SEO on your Shopify product pages

Recently I wrote about where to focus your limited SEO resources: your product pages or your collection pages. Nick Disabato of Draft wrote this in: Product pages are also further down the funnel! He’s absolutely correct. I didn’t even think about that. If you focused your SEO on your product pages, those visitors are one …

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3 options to add content to every product in your Shopify store

One of the best ways to improve your Shopify SEO is to make sure you have enough valuable content for each product. Ideally you’d have something unique that helps customers decide to buy, but sometimes you’ll want to add some standard content too. That’s what Ambre asked me about the other day: is there a …

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