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How stockouts will permanently harm your Shopify store

The other day my wife saw a sweatshirt she really liked on sale. She grabbed it and a few other things for our kiddo at the same time. But when it came time to ship, it turned out that the sweatshirt wasn’t in stock and the order was shipped without it. She ended up not …

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Google Search trending towards stricter and more structured data

One thing I’ve been predicting is that Google’s structured data guidelines will be getting tougher. For the past few years Google Search hasn’t required a lot of data. Supplying more data was nice but it didn’t seem like Google would use it. Then in December’s Google update, much of that optional data started showing up …

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Risks of adding product reviews to your Shopify collections

Recently a JSON-LD for SEO customer emailed me about advice he got from a friend who hired a SEO company. To sum up a long story, that SEO company was telling stores to add review structured data to their collection pages that listed all of their product reviews. Basically, aggregate their reviews for all of …

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