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When downturns strike, it’s good to be adaptive

The US economy has been stumbling a bit. Might be a recession. Might not be. But it’s clear that a lot of people are businesses are struggling, especially the smaller ones. Getting your Shopify store through a downturn is a dual-edged sword. On one hand you want to reduce your costs, run lean, and survive …

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Time to crack open that recession playbook again

A little over two years back when COVID first appeared, I started giving advice around handling slow periods and recessions. Part of that advice was to create processes or a playbook for these slow times. In it you would document strategies and tactics that worked with your store. All because slow periods are common and …

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New old normals

While the current pandemic and strife has changed the business landscape quite a bit, a lot of the “new normals” that pop up have been around forever. People want to feel safe. Customers buy according to their values. Customers don’t like being tricked or lied to. Splitting people into opposing groups causes tension and then …

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