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Using your Repeat Sales Percentage to spot problems in your Shopify store

One metric in Repeat Customer Insights that often gets overlooked is the Repeat Sales Percentage: Percentage of your total sales that are from repeat customers. It’s a simple percentage metric but it speaks volumes about your customer base. If it’s low, your customers aren’t coming back and ordering very much. You might have very few …

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How the time period works in Repeat Customer Insights

A Repeat Customer Insights customer was asking about how the time period works and why shorter periods had lower repeat purchases. In order for a customer to be considered a repeat customer, they need to have made at least two purchases within the selected period. All-time means they’ll just need to have made two purchases …

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Comparing Repeat Purchase Rate and Repeat Sales Percentage

Combining and comparing metrics can shed additional light on how your store works in a way that’s impossible to get from a single metric. One of my favorite combinations is to compare your Repeat Purchase Rate with your Repeat Sales Percentage. They are both percentages and similar but how they measure your orders differ: Repeat …

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