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Too busy for customer retention

I heard from a Shopify store that they are too busy for customer retention because all their time is focused on customer acquisition. They didn’t realize that they were the ones creating the problem with their business. When you ignore customer retention, customers will leave. Some might stick around but those will be the minority. …

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Is it cold in here?

It’s starting to get cooler here as we get into autumn. Cool, but not quite cold yet. You know, that borderline area where you might turn the heat on for a bit but it’s not quite needed all the time yet. This year we also replaced our central heat with per-room heaters. They’ll be more …

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The tiny hinge that swings your customer retention process

With any customer retention process, you might have ran into a problem with Shopify. Before you can start any kind of customer retention, you first need to know who your repeat customers are. Shopify is great at keeping track of customer data, but it doesn’t make it easy to find them. Especially when an order …

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