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How to control how your Shopify store appears in the search results

With all the jargon and conflicting information out there with SEO, it can be confusing to understand how to change and tweak your store’s search results. In this article I’m going to describe each part of a search result. Above you’ll see a search result from Mountain Hardware that includes a Rich Snippet. Result title: …

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Google Search Console is now tracking Rich Result impressions and clicks

While poking around Google’s new Search Console, I found a new report on Rich Results. From what I’ve gathered in their help docs, it looks like it’ll tell you how many clicks and impressions you’ve received for Rich Results including Rich Snippets. I wouldn’t trust Search Console as the sole source of authority on how …

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Comparison between Rich Snippets, Rich Cards, and the upcoming Rich Results

I’m asked about the differences between Google’s Rich Cards and Rich Snippets quite often with JSON-LD for SEO. They are two different Google search enhancements that appear differently. The confusing thing about them is many people mix them up (including Google’s Search Console). Rich Snippets are when Google enhances an existing search result to have …

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