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Composting the weak performers

A few days ago I had to toss 50 basil plants into the compost pile. I started them early inside, moved them outside when it was safe, and then the weather turned wet and cold. Not enough to kill them but enough to mess with their growth. Of the 70 or so I started, only …

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Comparing sales channels for repeat customer acquisition

Knowing how sales channels perform is a key measurement to know where you focus your efforts. Raw sales and order values are nice, but if you have repeat customers those can be tricky. If a customer first buys through your POS system and then later buys from your online store, is the POS or the …

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The temptation of the new marketing platform

This article from Seth Godin is a good reminder about marketing platforms. Creating assets for your customers on a consistent basis is one marketing activity that has and will always work. It’s also a key component many businesses miss and end up struggling with traction. I’ve stopped counting the number of businesses who fall on …

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