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Cleaning out your Shopify store for faster page speeds

This past week we’ve been doing some spring cleaning (yes, I know it’s autumn now..) A big part of that is going through things we are using and giving them away. It takes much more effort to get rid of something than it did to buy it, but afterwards it feels nice to reclaim the …

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Measure twice, optimize once

This week I’ve been doing performance optimizations on Repeat Customer Insights reports. The reports load fast but collecting the data for the reports was getting slow. I had a lot of ideas to speed them up but long ago I learned there’s an important first step: Measure the current performance first This advice applies beyond …

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Optimize your Shopify store to retain more new customers

Ecommerce has broken a lot of rules in the retail industry, but some things never change, like the value of a great first impression. Too often, online store owners are so slammed with the day-to-day details of their business that they forget that improving new customers’ first visit to their website translates into significant sales. …

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