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Which add to cart button color converts the best in Shopify?

Recently a Sticky customer emailed me about the add to cart button their theme uses: Do you have any info regarding which is the best color for the ADD TO CART? Or is just following the theme the best? The best converting colors are very dependent on the rest of the page and your audience. …

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Why consistency matters in your Shopify store

I was helping a Sticky customer tweak their add to cart button when they asked if they should use a different looking button for Sticky. Here’s my response. No. Whatever color you use for your main button, you’d want to use for Sticky too. This gives the appearance of consistency and helps remind the customer …

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8 minutes to locate sales-losing friction in your Shopify store

When you’re not getting enough sales in your Shopify store, it’s time to look at how you’re asking your customers to buy. When was the last time you browsed your store, read everything on the page, and actually shopped? It’s probably been a while right? Do a Google search for one of your top selling …

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