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Focus on a few strategies and keep your tactics a secret

While reading through my backlog, I found a post by Seth Godin that does a great job of comparing strategy and tactics. This line got me thinking: Strategies don’t change. They’re not a secret. It doesn’t matter if your peers or opponents know your strategy. Tactics, on the other hand, change often, and are usually …

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Learning when to switch tactics as the results falloff

This morning I planted a few hundred seeds into the garden. Normally I try to grow the seeds into baby plants and then transplant those. They’re stronger and more likely to survive. But with the weather lots of the baby plants aren’t surviving long enough to get transplanted. A good third of the garden has …

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Keep the working strategies and evolve the day-to-day tactics

With the pace of change going on, it’s hard to believe that March and Q1 is almost over. I’ve been writing about making plans around your business and Shopify store but I haven’t shared much of mine. My high-level business strategies are staying the same. They’ve been refined and matured over the years but even …

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