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Find out which marketing campaigns are your keepers

With the holiday rush and any post-holiday orders over, now’s a good time to dig into your results. Ideally you tracked your traffic and orders which will make things easier (e.g. Google’s UTM codes). Even if you didn’t, you might be able to look at the timing of orders to see which campaigns where active. (And …

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How to reengage defected loyal customers in Shopify

A Repeat Customer Insights customer asked: In your experience, what has been successful when trying to re-engage with the defected loyal customers? I’ve heard of successes with win-back campaigns. The offer and incentive would depend on your brand (e.g. discount vs freebie) but with loyal customers you might be able to do some kind of VIP-access …

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How to convert more one-time Shopify customers into repeat customers

A Repeat Customer Insights customer emailed me a great question that every shop should think about: What do you see is the best way to increase the first repeat purchase rate? The first repeat purchase rate is the most critical because what happens there determines if a customer will only be a one-time customer or …

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