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Adding a new customer one-time offer to boost your Shopify store sales

Adding another layer of guidance for your Shopify repeat customer metrics

Applying customer latency to a straightforward marketing campaign

Comparing Repeat Purchase Rate and Repeat Sales Percentage

Create a New Customer Welcome campaign

Dangers of using Lifetime Value with your Shopify customer acquisition plan

Discover your store’s weaknesses: automatic metric drop-off detection added to Repeat Customer Insights

Earning repeat customers when you only sell a single product in your Shopify store

Evaluating the early impacts a downturn has on your customer’s behavior

Find drop-offs in your repeat purchase funnel

Getting lost by staring at the lone customer’s behavior and forgetting about the forest

Give each customer segment a purpose

How deleting old products can lose you repeat customers

How knowing your Repeat Sales Percentage can help your Shopify store

How many emails should your new customer welcome campaign include?

How to discover why many of your ecommerce customers aren’t coming back to your Shopify store

How to discover why your Shopify store’s average order value keeps shrinking

Monday Morning Metrics: see how your Shopify store performed last week

My #1 tip to improve customer retention for Shopify

Optimize a New Customer Welcome campaign

Shopify stores: Automatically discover what percentage of your revenue comes from repeat customers

Slipping off the Average Order Value treadmill

Spending resources on the areas that matter the most to customers

The churning of new marketing technology on your Shopify store

Why blindly chasing AOV increases can hurt your Shopify store

Your customer’s spending habits: are they buying more or less over time?

Customer segmenting and RFM analysis

3 classic customer segments you should focus on

A simple, quick email campaign you can use with your best customers

Analyze which Shopify sales channels produce your best repeat customers

Automatic customer segmenting, without any AI, tricks, or gimmicks

Be clear with your customer segmenting objectives

Create your first customer segment in 3 minutes using Shopify

Digging into RFM segmenting in Shopify

Grading your Shopify customers with RFM segmentation

How Automatic Customer Segmenting can help you develop better marketing campaigns in Shopify

How Repeat Customer Insights analyzes purchase frequency for Shopify stores

How Repeat Customer Insights creates 30+ segments automatically in Shopify

How Repeat Customer Insights tracks your customer acquisition sources in Shopify

How Repeat Customer Insights uses RFM segmenting for Shopify stores

How RFM self-adjusts as you sell better and more expensive products like subscriptions

How the RFM analysis scores customer behavior from 1 to 5

How to find the top 1% of your customers using RFM

Merging Shopify’s customer data with Repeat Customer Insights analysis

Not every Shopify store needs customer segmenting

Putting more F in the RFM customer analysis

Segment based on what customers do, instead of what they say

Segmenting your traffic into different buying groups using Google Analytics

The segment of customers who just can’t get enough

The segment types Repeat Customer Insights creates automatically for your Shopify store

Thinking about your best customer

Uncovering your potential best customers

Using customer lifetime values for fun and profit

Visualize your entire Shopify customer base with the Customer Grids

Order sequencing and Customer Purchase Latency analysis

Accumulate repeat customers with customer purchase latency and win-back campaigns

Calculating your customer purchase latency

Comparing apples to apples with your Average Order Value and Repeat Purchase Rate

Data-driven gems that can be mined from a customer purchase latency analysis on a Shopify store

Evaluating a store’s repeat customer metrics with a high Average Order Value but slow latency

Evaluating a store’s repeat customer metrics with fast but infrequent repeat orders

How the Customer Purchase Latency metric can guide subscription frequency in your Shopify store

Insights into Average Order Value drop-offs for Shopify stores

Insights into Repeat Purchase Rate drop-offs for Shopify stores

Insights into the Average Order Value metric for Shopify stores

Insights into the Repeat Purchase Rate metric for Shopify stores

Introduction to Customer Purchase Latency

Is your Shopify store helping to accelerate repeat customer purchases?

Predicting customer orders using Customer Purchase Latency in Shopify

Repeat Purchase Rate, and how to calculate it

See how your Shopify customer behavior changes over time with the new date-based Customer Purchase Latency report

Spotting reordering problems in you Shopify store with Customer Purchase Latency

The critical step in turning your new customers into repeat customers

The difficulties when customers only order once a year from your Shopify store

Using customer behavior data to decide when to start your holiday marketing

Using latency to detect defecting customers in your Shopify store

Using order sequencing to better understand customer behavior

Why both short and long-term ranges are useful for tracking your Repeat Purchase Rate

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