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Customer segmenting and RFM analysis

Order sequencing and Customer Purchase Latency analysis

Accumulate repeat customers with customer purchase latency and win-back campaigns

Calculating your customer purchase latency

Comparing apples to apples with your Average Order Value and Repeat Purchase Rate

Data-driven gems that can be mined from a customer purchase latency analysis on a Shopify store

Evaluating a store’s repeat customer metrics with a high Average Order Value but slow latency

Evaluating a store’s repeat customer metrics with fast but infrequent repeat orders

How the Customer Purchase Latency metric can guide subscription frequency in your Shopify store

Insights into Average Order Value drop-offs for Shopify stores

Insights into Repeat Purchase Rate drop-offs for Shopify stores

Insights into the Average Order Value metric for Shopify stores

Insights into the Repeat Purchase Rate metric for Shopify stores

Introduction to Customer Purchase Latency

Is your Shopify store helping to accelerate repeat customer purchases?

Predicting customer orders using Customer Purchase Latency in Shopify

Repeat Purchase Rate, and how to calculate it

See how your Shopify customer behavior changes over time with the new date-based Customer Purchase Latency report

Spotting reordering problems in you Shopify store with Customer Purchase Latency

The critical step in turning your new customers into repeat customers

The difficulties when customers only order once a year from your Shopify store

Using latency to detect defecting customers in your Shopify store

Using order sequencing to better understand customer behavior

Customer Grid

Customer Cohorts

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